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Jun 09


May 31

Baby Mantis. Found inside, released to the wild to escape my adorable, but murderous tabby.

Baby Mantis. Found inside, released to the wild to escape my adorable, but murderous tabby.

From a recent trip. I just love this place. 

From a recent trip. I just love this place. 

May 05

Past Photos of St. John the Divine Blessing of the Bikes -

My Dad, a Brooklyn boy, would have loved this event! I really should get to NYC for next year’s…

May 02

Weekend Bike Events: but wait, there’s MORE!

Bikes, schools, gardens. Check out this DC tour and get in touch with your inner garden gods and goddesses.
Check it:

Need Cycling Inspiration? -

Wonder how many of us—guys, you too— could withstand some of the pressures these women are facing as they try to do something as simple as riding their bikes?

Interesting to note, it was the coach’s daughter who kickstarted this thing.

Note to self: Arrange for Cloning.

There is never too much of a good thing. There are too few of me to attend all the fun, wild, inspiring bike-centric events that are going on in the month of May.

Take tomorrow: AVAM’s (American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore) Kinetic Sculpture Race takes place. Purists might say it’s not really a bike-centric event, but I would argue since the sculptures are human powered, with many based on bike frames, we’ve got ourselves a bikey event.
Check it:

Then there’s the Tour De Cookie event in Rockville. This is a fun, family oriented event that combines cookies, bikes and a good cause. Rockville’s Tree House Child Asssessment Center of Montgomery County. Those folks help children and their families affected by abuse and neglect.
Check it:

And of course, there’s Kidical Mass DC, the brainchild of Megan Odett. I met her before she became DC’s kidical kingpin, when she organized the very first event. Now, she’s telling folks her kid can “mop the floor” with your little ones in the balance bike races. How can you NOT rise to that challenge?
Check it:

And all this in the very first week of National Bike Month!

Apr 29

TheWashCycle has info on the Merry (BikeCentric) Month of May -

Actually, the WashCycle is always crammed with bike-related info, but the two things that caught my eye this morning were the upcoming bicycle count in Alexandria, and the ABC’s of Family Biking.

In the former, you can stand up (or sit in the bike saddle) and count (and be counted—jeez, the caffeine is kicking in this morning) and in the latter, you can see how it’s really possible to balance your love of biking and your need to get the kids to daycare/school/the library/ the grocery store and more.

Transportation secretary welcomes six new cities at Green Lane Project kickoff | PeopleForBikes -

See what US DOT Secretary Foxx is saying about bikes and transportation. And see what’s happening in six US cities where bike infrastructure gets attention.

Apr 28

Like cycling and music? … you should read this! · -

When bikes and music intersect, hear what happens.