Lane Change

Jan 27

Link love

Notice that I’ve gone on a sort of link-a-palooza here?

I will be frank, I’m not a fan of blogs that often offer an apology-post for being AWOL. But I’m gonna do it here.

No excuses, just an explanation.

I found that I’ve spent faaar too much time in a chair before a glowing screen on-and off-the-clock. I’m working at moving more, sitting less, and being a better organizer of my time.

The folks at a number of my most-followed blogs have clearly figured out how to balance the blogging time clock, and I hope to follow their fine example. A big hat-tip to them, and thanks for those who continue to check in with me.

TheWashCycle: Answers Issue: bicycle parking -

Bike Theft is on the Rise. Take 10 Minutes and Do This Now. -

Blog - Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling (FABB) -

So, will Capital Bikeshare roll out in Reston?

Wednesday, January 29 7 p.m. Lake Anne Elementary School

Bankruptcy Case Lifts Curtain on Bike-Share Operator -

Jan 26

Virginia Bicycling Federation — Advocacy, Safety, & Education -

These guys have been getting up at o-dark-30 and sitting in on legislative subcommittees at 7 a.m. so fellow cyclists don’t have to. They’ve been working on a range of bills including one that became known on my WTOP news desk as ‘MASKLAW’.

2014 Bike Maryland Legislative Agenda - Bike Maryland -

Maryland cyclists hope to tweak the 3-foot law.

Jan 15

What's Up: Maryland Bike Legislative efforts

Jan 14